Good Type 2 Diabetes Diet?

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A good type 2 diabetes diet is one that you should take very serious. To follow a healthy type 2 diabetes diet, you must make sure you incorporate a good mix of foods that will regulate your blood sugar levels. Once you know the correct foods, you’ll feel more comfortable choosing what suits your taste buds while also balancing your blood sugar levels.

Foods containing Fiber

Fruits and vegetables have high levels of fiber so eating a good amount of them is smart for someone following a type 2 diabetes diet. The reason is that a high fiber diet ensures digestion at the right rate which means the blood does not get an excess dose of glucose due to eating the wrong foods. Remember that it takes insulin to transport this glucose to all the cells needing energy in the body. Thus, if a patient neglects eating fiber rich foods, their blood sugar levels are going to increase because the insulin levels are not strong enough to cope with the glucose.

Unprocessed foods like whole wheat and bran, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes like lentils and peas have good fiber content in them. If you are used to a rice diet, substitute the white with brown rice.


Fish is a wonder food as far as diabetics are concerned because it has the right protein content and also has less fat. So,  not only are fish like salmon good for keeping sugar in control, they also encourage good health for the heart. It is important to get your protein without the unnecessary fat.

Foods containing Good Fat

When it comes to fats, the bad kinds are saturated and trans fats. Trans fats especially are known to cause bad heart conditions. Saturated fat comes from beef, milk and cheese. The fewer amount of calories that a diabetic patient obtains from such fats, the better. Also, eating low fat foods, lean meats and resorting to baking and broiling foods rather than frying them in oils will keep you in prime condition.

Salt Intake

Decreasing your salt intake is important when following a healthy diet. Too much salt is quite dangerous and can result in high blood pressure. You can reduce salt intake by not having too much of those foods that need salt in their preparation like pickles and convenience foods like canned soups, frozen desserts, entrees and any preparation that uses MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Again, try and avoid processed foods not only because they have high levels of sugar and fat, but they also have large amounts of salt.

Methods of Ensuring that you follow the Diet

Keeping type 2 diabetes at bay is all about keeping your blood sugar levels under control. This can be done easily if you know what you are eating. Every food type has a carbohydrate, protein and fat count. You must have seen this information on the side of the packaged food you buy. You can now ensure you eat only the right amount of food by counting the carbohydrates in the food. Carbohydrates are responsible for increasing blood sugar levels very quickly so one should be careful of the amount of carbohydrate content in the food they eat. By taking the current insulin levels in the body into account and eating just the right amount of carbohydrates, you can maintain a safe blood sugar level at all times.


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