Following a Pre-Diabetes Diet

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Those who are looking to live a life free of diabetes should take every precaution. The first precaution that should be taken is following a good diet. Watching what you eat is the best way to be confident no lifestyle diseases will afflict you as you grow in age. Diabetes especially is a disease that in the majority of cases is caused by a combination of poor diet and lifestyle. Onset of pre-diabetes is a serious concern where the blood glucose levels are high but not high enough for being diagnosed as diabetes. By following some of the diet advice below, you can be sure to live a life free of diabetes.

Reduce Starch Intake and Increase Protein

Most fish is found to be a good source of protein and you can have fish like herring, sardines, haddock, tuna, tilapia and catfish among others. Other sources of protein are peas and beans. Avoid eating the skin found on meat since that is full of fat. You should also include anything that’s green like broccoli, spinach and green beans. Carrots, eggs and lean meat are also good for getting your recommended amount of protein. However, this is just one part of getting your diet right.

Increase Fiber

You must have heard of people around you talking about how they increased the fiber content in their diets and benefitted from it. Well, increasing fiber also means eating less “processed” foods which have a higher content of sugar in them and are easier to digest. However, when you start eating foods that have higher whole grains in them like brown rice and whole wheat, blood sugar levels are found to be more stable. This diet is thus highly beneficial for people with pre-diabetes. Foods like whole wheat breads, pastas and rice, plus oatmeal, and most vegetables is highly recommended. Consuming lots of fresh fruits is another great way to increase fiber and improve your diet.

Which foods should I avoid when following a pre-diabetes diet?

Of course, just because you are eating the above foods doesn’t mean you can indulge in eating anything else you wish. Sugar is the first culprit as expected and any foods that contain high sugar content should be cautiously consumed. These include sugary sodas, ice creams, cakes and so on. You should also reduce consuming foods with saturated fats, trans fat and fatty meats. Avoiding those processed foods as much as possible is also a good idea.

Increasing Physical Activity:

While following a healthy diet is great, the addition of regular physical exercise can really help you come out of the pre-diabetes phase quickly. With the busy work schedules that young people these days have to follow, it will be surprising if everyone manages to eat perfectly. In this case, a small amount of exercise goes a long way in getting your sugar level back to normal by encouraging metabolism.


With a combination of a healthy diet and lifestyle plus regular exercise, you can expect a good life free of diabetes and all the issues that come along with it.

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