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Difficulty removing catheter and now I have pain urinating. What is the remedy?

Catheter inserted in hospital following non urinary surgery and removed after a few days now about 4 weeks ago.


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What is a catheter? A catheter is plastic or rubberized flexible thin tubing that is inserted into the cavity of the body and this process is known as catheterization. Why is a catheter needed? Many medical conditions cause people to require some assistance from a device in order to maintain proper function. It has different purposes including the giving out of fluids and draining out the cavity that stores urine for normal functioning of the body system. ...

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Why And How To Use Catheters Safely

A catheter can be used in a variety of medical conditions. While you may need to use a catheter in the hospital, you may also need to use a catheter at your home if you’ve been diagnosed with a number of medical issues. A catheter is a flexible tube that can be inserted to either drain fluids or allow medicine to be administered. If you need to use a catheter as part of a health care regimen, you may have...

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The Right Catheter For Maximum Comfort

Having urinary tract problems can be a cause of severe pain and distress, especially if you’re a new patient.  Getting comfortable with all the catheters and the catheter sterilization process takes a good amount of time and the preliminary work has to be done under professional care .  If matters are not dealt with upfront and with care then you may face a lot of preventable problems. Additionally, using catheters in itself is not a very self-motivating task, but things can become even wor...

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Many medical disorders have gone so problematic that measures for cure also has become more advanced hence, more complicated. Chronic and long term problems impose changes on one’s lifestyle. It may be due to the illness itself or because of certain medical devices that have to be used for a longer time or even permanently. One such medical equipment that may possibly be used for a long time is the catheter, a rubber or plastic tube that is inserted inside the body through ...

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