What Are The Common Diabetes Symptoms In Women?

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Women have equal chances of being diagnosed with diabetes as men. Most of the symptoms of diabetes are the same in men and women but, there are certain symptoms which are seen only in women. Some diabetes occurs in women only. The gestational diabetes is seen only in pregnant women. The symptoms of type1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes are similar. Having the knowledge regarding the signs and symptoms of diabetes helps to diagnose the problem and to avoid serious complications associated with diabetes in women. The important symptoms associated with diabetes are discussed below

Excessive thirst is the most common diabetes symptoms in women. Diabetic ketoacidosis causes a number of symptoms including excessive thirst. The person may feel the thirst is unquenchable. Another common symptom is fatigue. The person may feel very tired and it will be difficult for them to keep the eyes open. Unusual weight loss is seen in women having type 1 diabetes. Since the body of the person does not produce insulin, the body cannot use the calories in the food even though the person is following a healthy diet. This leads to weight loss.

Other symptoms of diabetes in women include excessive urination. Too much glucose in the blood streams due to lack of insulin causes the elimination of sugar through urine. This will affect the working of the kidneys. The excessive urination causes loss of water from the body resulting in excessive thirst. Excessive levels of unabsorbed glucose in the blood can affect the functioning ability of eyes.  Most of women with diabetes complain of blurred vision. Diabetes causes nerve damage and as a result there will be decreased sensation in the hands and feet. In some women, diabetic neuropathy occurs, which is characterized by pain in their hand and feet. Due to decreased sensation in the hands and feet, the person may not notice the wounds which may lead to ulcers. Since blood circulation is not proper in diabetic patients, healing of wound take more time.

The common symptoms of diabetes in women also include skin infections and vaginal yeast infections. Diabetes promotes the growth of yeast in vaginal area. This may lead to urinary tract infections also. It has been found that diabetic women may experience pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, too. This is due to reduced vaginal lubrication and sensitivity. In women with gestational diabetes, no symptoms are visible however increased blood pressure indicates the chances of gestational diabetes.

Women may experience any of the symptoms or they may not show any symptoms at all. Usually no symptoms are experienced by women with type 2 diabetes for many years. Type 2 diabetes is usually identified when a serious health problem occurs like a vision problem or a heart issue. Hence it is necessary for women to undergo routine checkups, if they are above 40 years of age or if they have a family history of diabetes. Early detection of symptoms of diabetes in women helps to take necessary treatments to avoid serious complications associated with this disease. There are chances that the diabetic person develops nervousness and depression if untreated.

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