What Is The Best Treatment For Diabetes?

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The best diabetes treatment should try to minimize the blood sugar level in the patient without causing hypoglycemia or low level of blood sugar. The best treatments for diabetes consist of a combination of medication, exercise and proper diet. In most of the patients with type 1 diabetes the treatment includes the use of insulin, exercises and diabetic diet. Patients with Type 2 diabetes are recommended with weight reduction programs as the first step in treatment followed by diabetic diet and exercise. If the sugar level is not controlled by diet and exercise, oral medications are necessary. If oral medications are not effective then insulin injections are the treatment method.

The diabetic diet consists of a diet which is balanced and nutritious but has a low fat and sugar content. The daily calorie intake will be divided into three meals. Weight reduction and exercise play an important role as treatments for diabetes. Exercises will reduce the fat cells and improve the metabolic rate of the body. This reduces the resistance to insulin by the fat cells and helps to gain better control of blood sugar level.

The treatment for diabetes will vary from person to person depending upon the physical conditions, type of diabetes, and age of the person and severity of diabetes. There are natural treatments like ayurvedic medicines and herbal treatments available to control blood glucose level. Whatever be the method used, it is necessary to monitor the blood sugar levels regularly and to adjust the medications accordingly. Some medications which are effective in some patients will not work for the other. There are different types of blood glucose level monitors available in the market which makes monitoring the blood sugar level easy.

Changes in lifestyle help to lower the blood pressure and increase the level of high density-lipo protein or HDL. Lower blood pressure and good cholesterol reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases in diabetic patients. According to the type of diabetes a person is having the doctor will advice the necessary treatments for diabetes. If your body is not producing insulin, an external supply of insulin will be needed. There are different methods to provide the body with necessary level of insulin. They are taking insulin injections, using the insulin pump and using insulin jet injector. Insulin injections are taken with the help of syringe or insulin pen. The insulin pump is a small machine with a small tube and a needle. The needle is inserted under the skin of the patient and remains there for several days. Insulin is pumped in to the body from the machine through the needle. The jet injector sends fine spray of insulin with high -pressure through the skin. The dose of insulin should be decided after considering the daily routine of the person and the type of insulin used for treatment. It is necessary to consult a physician about the type of treatment to be taken and to fix the dose for oral medications and insulin injections.

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