What Problems Can A Catheter Cause?

What Problems Can A Catheter Cause? image

Often, a catheter is the only solution to urinary tract problems. But if a catheter is not used exactly as prescribed by the doctors or self-made home remedies are executed, catheters can prove to be troublesome. A catheter can seem to be miraculous when it helps you discharge wastes from your bladder especially for patients who are unable to ambulate freely due to a spinal cord injury, physical trauma or other medical condition.  Not being able to go to the toilets, patients are advised to use catheters too.  Mostly, patients who cannot, due to medical reasons, pass urine normally are told to use catheters. All the patient needs to do is insert the catheter and urine will be passed on into the catheter bag.

A catheter has to be used under the advice of a regular practicing doctor and a new catheter has to be used every time a person wishes to relieve himself. Reusing catheters can also lead to problems. Using catheters that are of low standards and are not approved by the local health bodies can also cause various problems and diseases inside the body. Using catheters without directions or instructions can also cause harm.

Catheter Risks:

You must have rarely heard about the problems and the issues that can arise if a catheter is not properly used. Here is a compilation:

  • Using a catheter on your own or choosing a substandard one can cause serious problems inside your body. The most commonly reported problem is the allergy that is inflicted because of the reaction of the body to the newly inserted material. This can be caused due to the substandard material out of which the catheter was made.
  • Improper insertion can also lead to the formation of stones inside the bladder. The abnormal removal of toxic waste due to an incorrectly inserted catheter often leads to this problem. Not only are bladder stones a serious health hazard, but they make the condition of the patient even worse.
  • Using substandard catheters or improper insertion can also lead to kidney damage. The kidney can be under constant stress and pressure under the given circumstances. This can lead to the improper functioning of the kidneys which can damage them to a great extent.
  • If a catheter is wrongly or too harshly inserted in the body, the patient may also notice the passage of blood in the catheter bag. This can be a serious problem as the loss of blood may increase over a certain period of time and the body can be negatively affected.

These are the reasons why standardized and certified catheters are to be used every time a person has to be pass urine. The patient should know all the complications and the methods of catheter insertion and should also discard a catheter as soon as it’s used for a single time.

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