When Will I Need An Indwelling Catheter?

When Will I Need An Indwelling Catheter? image

Indwelling catheters are much more convenient than an external catheter. If you find that you are incapable of holding your urine, you might need an indwelling catheter. The indwelling catheter is used for longer periods of time.

Some reasons for using Indwelling Catheters:
Generally, external catheters are used for single uses, like during and right after surgery or even during child birth. If there is a more serious need,  like a prolonged hospital stay where you are undergoing some serious operation and cannot move to the toilet to relieve yourself, then the indwelling catheter is your best bet. Indwelling catheters are also used in cases where the patient cannot exert themselves and perform the actions needed to attach an external catheter. With indwelling catheters, all one has to do is to undergo the procedure to have it inserted, and then empty the catheter bag twice a day. The bag should also be changed completely every month to prevent infections.

When exactly are Indwelling Catheters needed?

  1. For patients who are incontinent and cannot control their urge to urinate.
  2. Indwelling catheters are also to be used when bed rest is advised.
  3. For patients who are immobile from a serious complication , such as a spinal injury or in a comatose state.
  4. Surgery on the prostate or the genitals is another cause for using this catheter.

What are some complications for patients use indwelling catheters?
There are a few obvious issues when it comes to using indwelling catheters. They are mentioned below:

  • Discomfort during Insertion: As indwelling catheters have to be inserted through the urethra, a professional is required. Also, many patients complain of pain during this process and anaesthesia may be necessary. Unlike the external catheter, this process requires expertise and can potentially damage the urethra if done incorrectly.
  • Drainage Bag issues: This one is unavoidable because using drainage bags will allow the patient to move about while placing the bag strapped to the thighs discreetly out of sight. The only issue is that the bag needs to be drained regularly or leaks can occur. However, using a bag lets the patient see if the urine is discolored or not. If discolored, the urine color may lead to an immediate diagnosis of what the problem is.
  • Odor Issues: There may be an odor that persists around the patient. This however, is an issue the patient will have to get used to. Maintaining good hygiene helps but will not eliminate this problem entirely.

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