The Correlation between Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease

The Correlation between Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease

Is there a Connection?

It is known that people with sleep disorders often suffer from other medical issues. Heart problems are one of the many factors that a person with sleep apnea has to be aware of. It is not known which comes first, the sleeping disorder or the heart conditions, but it is known that they have a connection to each other. Many patients with sleep apnea and other medical problems achieve great relief from symptoms of all disorders when treated for sleep apnea.

The Effect Sleep Apnea has on Blood Pressure

One of the main causes of heart problems in patients with sleep disorders is the rise of blood pressure that happens during sleep. A person inflicted with sleep apnea does not get enough oxygen during sleep. This causes the brain to receive less oxygen than necessary and send signals throughout the nervous system. Blood pressure then rises as a lack of oxygen in the body.

Is there Treatment?

It has been shown that treatment helps with other symptoms and disorders that may affect a person with sleeping disorders. Getting correct sleep enables the body and brain to receive the correct amount of oxygen to function correctly. Those with sleep apnea often struggle during daytime hours because their bodies are still working overtime from the stress during the night hours. Treating sleep apnea will also cure symptoms that a person with sleep apnea deals with during the day like fatigue and muscle soreness. A person who lives with sleeping disorders and heart disease has the best chance of relief by treating sleep apnea with CPAP therapy.

CPAP therapy is a machine that helps a patient breathe while sleeping. A mask is placed over the nose to promote natural sleep breathing pattern. Helping the throat to not collapse during sleep helps the body function properly.

Getting a Prescription to Start Treatment

If you think that you struggle with sleep apnea and other disorders like heart disease, to start treatment you need a prescription. There is good news for those that do not like to go to the doctor’s office or have limited medical coverage and need a prescription for treatment. ION My provides an at-home sleep study test that ships directly to your home. Sleep with a mask for one night, send it back in the pre-paid shipping box and receive your prescription for CPAP therapy online. Visit our website or order by phone by calling 800-355-0540.