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Home Sleep Test

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Now, in the comfort of your home, you can diagnose for Sleep Apnea with a cost-effective and easy-to-use sleep test. The test is FDA approved, widely used and preferred by physicians.  Step 1: We mail the test kit to your home, Step 2: You wear it overnight, and Step 3: You return it in a prepaid shipping box to receive detailed sleep test report.

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Go to sleep wondering. wake up knowing.

Sleep is crucial to both your physical and your mental health, but as many as 37% of Americans admit to not getting enough of it. Inadequate sleep is frequently a direct result of sleep apnea, which is all too often undiagnosed for long periods of time. Without a diagnosis, you cannot be treated, and chronic, untreated sleep apnea will diminish your health and increase your risk for developing major health problems such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

The Solution: Home Sleep Test

There is a convenient and affordable way to diagnose sleep apnea from the comfort of your home! This in-home sleep apnea test is approved approved by the FDA, widely used and preferred by physicians, and covered by most major insurance companies. We will mail you the test to monitor and record your vital sleep patterns overnight. After you return the test, you and/or your physician can access the results though our web portal to determine the best course of treatment.

What is a Home Sleep Test?

Our do-it-yourself sleep test is a polysomnogram, an easy-to-use device that collects and analyzes comprehensive data about your biophysical state during sleep. It will detect the event of apneas and hypoapneas, which are the pauses or reductions in breathing that usually indicate the presence of sleep apnea. Once the exclusive province of professional sleep labs, polysomnography is now available for at-home testing thanks to ever-improving technological advancements. There’s no need to pay for a professional diagnosis or even leave your home — our home sleep test is just as reliable, but all the more convenient!

The Benefits of Home Sleep Testing

What exactly are the benefits of diagnosing yourself with our home sleep test? There are many, and these are only a few:

  • Comfort: Rather than spend the night in the sterile, uncomfortable environment of a sleep laboratory bed, you get to sleep in your own bed surrounded by your own furniture and loved ones.
  • Cost-Savings: Home sleep tests only cost a fraction of what a professional diagnosis would, yet are just as accurate.
  • Special Needs: The elderly make up the majority of sleep apnea sufferers, and the home sleep test is particularly suited to these patients who will need in-home nursing and other specialized services.

Equal in quality, better in cost, comfort & convenience — if you suspect you suffer from sleep apnea, get your home sleep test at TODAY!




Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Home Sleep Test

  1. Andrew
    5 out of 5


    I was impressed on how fast, convenient, and affordable was the home sleep testing process. I went through the entire process and got everything done in less than 2 weeks. Thanks iON!

  2. Leo
    5 out of 5


    iOnMySleep process was smooth and well guided. Thank to that I was able to complete the test I needed in order to get my DOT certification.

  3. Elliot
    5 out of 5


    At first I was nervous about the process and going through the home sleep test but the staff made it seamless. The staff at iONMySleep is very friendly and knowledgeable.

  4. Amanda
    5 out of 5


    I went through iON for my father’s sleep test process. They sent the device immediately and it was very easy to use for my dad. Results arrived very fast, overall very happy with the company. I would highly recommend this service!

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