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1 in 5 people suffer from Sleep Apnea.

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If you have not been diagnosed with sleep apnea yet, then you may want to consider our convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable home sleep test!

Now, in just minutes, you can consult with a sleep physician on the phone to review the results of your Home Sleep Test as well as receive a prescription to purchase any CPAP mask, Auto CPAP machine, and CPAP supplies from iONMySleep.com  To order simply click Add To Cart and then login to your account Account Login to place order.

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43 million people suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing, the most common is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and 80% remain undiagnosed. People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing during sleep, which means the brain and body may not get enough oxygen to function normally. This erodes your quality-of-life and can cause related health problems like diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart failure.

Diagnose and treat sleep apnea in home

Improve your quality of life and prevent health related problems. The Home Sleep Apnea Test is FDA approved, preferred by patients and physicians, and covered by most major insurance. Testing for Sleep Apnea in the comfort of your home is convenient.

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Is in-home sleep apnea test right for you?

If you suspect that you suffer from Sleep Apnea then this simple, scientifically proven test will help you assess your level of risk. Untreated Sleep Apnea can erode your quality-of-life and cause related health problems like diabetes and heart failure.

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Learn more about sleep apnea basics

Learn more about obstructive sleep apnea from Dr. Aliya Ferouz-Colborn, MD. She’ll explain how Sleep Apnea affects your quality-of-life, help you identify the symptoms, as well as how to diagnose and treat this condition that affects over 43 million people.

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Everyone knows a good night’s Sleep is crucial to peak physical and mental health. In fact, 37% of Americans feel they don’t get enough sleep! This is not something you should ignore. Sleep deprivation caused by Sleep Apnea, if left undiagnosed and untreated is known to diminish your quality-of-life and will also increase the risk for other major health problems like weight gain, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, and heart failure.

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Now, in the comfort of your home, you can diagnose for Sleep Apnea with a cost-effective and easy-to-use sleep test. This in-home sleep apnea test is FDA approved, widely used and preferred by physicians, and covered by most major insurance companies. We mail you the test to monitor and record your vital sleep patterns overnight. After you return the test, you and/or your physician can access the results through our web portal to determine the best treatment options.

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When it comes to sleep, more is better! When you take control of your sleep, you’re taking control of your health, your well-being and your quality-of-life! The most effective and widely accepted nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea is CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Therapy. It’s simply a bedside device that gently delivers pressurized air through a tube and mask to keep your upper airway open.

Start sleeping like a baby again and live life without limits.

Based on your sleep test results, we can also help treat and monitor your sleep apnea so you can get a restful night’s sleep again. Our sleep specialist will work directly with you and your doctor to make sure you get the right CPAP equipment and supplies for maximum therapeutic benefit.


If you qualify, there is no out-of-pocket cost, we will send the easy-to-use CPAP equipment and supplies right to your door for FREE. Plus, we will handle all the paperwork and details by working directly with you, your doctor, and your insurance company.

Diagnose and treat your sleep apnea

Diagnose and treat sleep apnea in the comfort your home at little or no cost to you!

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Sleep Apnea Basics

Learn more about obstructive sleep apnea from Dr. Aliya Ferouz-Colborn, MD.

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FDA approved, doctor recommended, and covered by most private insurance companies.

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Anna Reardon

My husband and I have done the homework and without a doubt, iONMySleep.com offered the best price and service for the in-home sleep test. I’m so glad I got my sleep test. It was so easy, affordable, and fast – best of all, it was in the privacy of my home. Thanks.

Anna Reardon / Wilmington, NC
Sue Fitzgerald

I took the test and as it turns out, I have sleep apnea which has been treated with CPAP Therapy that iONMySleep.com provided. Today, I sleep better and feel great – I recommend the home sleep apnea test and the service from iONMySleep. Thanks!

Sue Fitzgerald / Fort Lauderdale, FL
David Williams

It couldn’t have been any easier. I got my test kit in the mail, slept with it overnight and returned it in a prepaid shipping box. Within 24 hours I was able to access a detailed report with a letter of explanation through a secure web portal. Thanks!

David Williams / Dallas TX

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