Diagnosing Sleep Apnea for CDL Holders

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea for CDL Holders

Doctors are requiring that some CDL holders have sleep apnea studies done before given a medical card. The study proves that a CDL holder has healthy sleep patterns and can properly operate a commercial machine. If you are a CDL holder that has been told that diagnosing sleep apnea must be done before a medical card is issued, ION My Sleep’s at home test can save you a lot of hassle, time, and money.

Guidelines for CDL Medical Exam

To decide whether a CDL holder must have a sleep study done or not, a doctor reviews the body mass index (BMI), age, and neck size of a patient. There are no solid set guidelines placed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on sleep apnea studies. This means that a medical examiner does not have to require every CDL holder to have a sleep apnea study done. Additionally, there is no set BMI number, age, or neck size that forces requirement of a sleep study. The opinion of the doctor based on overall exam determines whether a CDL holder must have a sleep study performed.


Three years ago the sleep apnea bill was signed and put into place, requiring FMCSA to be more specific with their sleep apnea requirements. Revisions are being made, but for the time being it is still up to the medical examiner if a sleep apnea study is necessary.

Why is Diagnosing Sleep Apnea so Important for CDL Holders?

Medical cards are a requirement for CDL holders. They ensure that a driver is physically fit enough to drive commercial vehicles. They last 24 months, making it a requirement to have an exam performed every two years as long as the CDL is attained. If it has been determined during the exam that the patient needs a sleep apnea study done, the examiner may give a medical card that expires much sooner than two years, giving time to have the study performed.

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes a person to not get the required sleep to function optimally. If a CDL holder has sleep apnea, they are at higher risk to fall asleep at the wheel. This obviously puts the driver and others in danger, so it is important to test for in CDL holders.

My Examiner Told me I Need A Sleep Study!

Diagnosing sleep apnea has been made incredibly easy with ION My Sleep’s at home sleep study. At only $195 and covered by most insurance companies, our at-home test will give an accurate result in only one night. We ship the test to you, you wear it for one night, and you ship it back in the prepaid shipping box. Once we have your results, they will be posted to our secure portal and a doctor will review them with you over the phone. If you are interested in learning more about our at-home sleep apnea test or how you can receive a $100 credit towards a CPAP machine, visit our website.