4 Tips For Holiday Traveling With Your CPAP (Infographic)

Lots of people will be holiday traveling for business and to see their family this season. Traveling away from home can become stressful whether you are driving or taking a plane. The number one thing to do to before traveling is to prepare! Being prepared relieves all the stress that may arise during the travel and arrival at destination.

If you use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea therapy, than things can become even more tricky. For experienced users, a CPAP is second nature when it comes to setting up the machine when it is time to sleep. It can become difficult if you are staying somewhere else with your CPAP. Here are tips on how to make your travel as smooth as possible when it comes to holiday traveling with your CPAP machine.

traveling with CPAP

Holiday Traveling with CPAPS
If you are in need of a new CPAP or would like a second one for traveling, iONMySleep offers a large selection of travel CPAPs that are perfect for your destination away from home. Here are some travel CPAPs that are recommended by IOnMySleep to enhance your holiday traveling.

This CPAP is the size of your smart phone and fits in the palm of your hand. The Travel CPAP Machine is very quiet and is battery operated. This lightweight machine will take up hardly any space in your carry-on.

This device is great for those who need a built-in humidifer with a heated tube. It is still lightweight and able to create the perfect temperature and moistness while sleeping. The LCD screen has easy to use controls to make your holiday traveling easier.

For those who travel and use an auto CPAP, the ResMed AutoSet is the perfect purchase for your traveling needs. It has Easy Breath Technology and even keeps track of your progress.

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