How Does In Home Sleep Apnea Testing Work?

In Home Sleep Apnea Testing

With so many people going to hospitals or clinics to get sleep studies done, you may be wondering how in home sleep apnea testing works. Well, it’s a wonderful alternative to the discomfort of spending an entire night away from home in an unusual atmosphere. Similar testing is done to what would be done at a hospital, all at less cost to you.

In Home Sleep Apnea Testing: What You Need To Know

In home sleep apnea testing is a painless, simple procedure that doesn’t require any changes to your daily schedule or routine. A device is sent to your home with instructions on how to wear it. You put it on for one night, and it monitors your breathing and other vital patterns as you sleep. This in-home test is FDA approved and approved of by physicians. Better yet, it’s covered by most major insurance companies.

Once your test is returned, the data it collected will be analyzed by qualified physicians. You will then be able to access the results through iOn My Sleep’s web portal and decide on the best treatment options depending on your diagnosis.

Here’s Why You Should Get an In Home Sleep Apnea Test

There are two main benefits to doing this test at home instead of in the hospital.

  • It is less expensive than an overnight stay in a hospital. The at home sleep apnea testing system costs $195 and is covered by most insurance companies. On the flip side, a hospital sleep test can cost upwards of $2000.
  • It is way more comfortable. While the results may be slightly less extensive than getting an in-hospital test done, you’ll probably have a much more accurate reading simply because you are in your own home. When you know there is a technician watching you and that you are in a hospital, you are bound to be much more on edge and uncomfortable.

1 in 5 people test positive for sleep apnea, so if you have any suspicions that you may have sleep apnea, there is definitely a reason for you to get it done. iOn my sleep can help with everything from the diagnosis to your medical needs. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, we can help to treat and monitor your sleep patterns and get you the CPAP equipment that you need.
As with our in home sleep tests, our goal is to make everything easier and more convenient for you. We make sure to handle all paperwork and fine print by working directly with you, your doctor and the insurance companies.