How Sleep Apnea Home Testing Can Prevent Liver Disease

How Sleep Apnea Home Testing Can Prevent Liver Disease

A recent study shows that there is a correlation between sleep apnea and fatty liver disease. Although it cannot be proven that sleep apnea is cause for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and vice versa, there is undeniable evidence that the two are closely related. Treatment for sleep apnea is proven to help patients with both fatty liver disease and sleep apnea. To be provided treatment for sleep apnea, a diagnosis must be performed. Diagnosing sleep apnea with ION My Sleep’s sleep apnea home testing service is a fast and easy way to get a diagnosis for sleep apnea without having to go to a doctor’s office.

The Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Liver Disease

Researchers from The University of Manitoba in Canada have recently done a study on the correlation between sleep apnea and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). This liver disease is seen in patients that drink little to no alcohol. Diagnosed patients suffer from excess fat along with inflammation located in the liver. These patients also suffer from an insulin resistance.

Although there is no sure way of saying NAFLD is responsible for sleep apnea cases in patients diagnosed, there is a recognized risk factor. Half of those with NAFLD that participated in the study showed heightened risk for sleep apnea. Either NAFLD is a hazard to those with sleep apnea, or sleep apnea is a possible threat to those with NAFLD.

What Can Be Done? Sleep Apnea Home Testing

This newly recognized study proves two things. The first is that it is important for those with sleep apnea to be aware of the heightened risk of liver disease. The second is that those with NAFLD should be aware of the heightened risk for sleep apnea. In both cases, treatment for sleep apnea proves helpful.

Treating sleep apnea with approved treatments like CPAP are proven to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of NAFLD and sleep apnea in patients that experience both. The whole body works in response to each organ’s function. Providing the body with open airways gives the brain the oxygen it needs to tell each organ to function properly. Give your body the rest it needs and deserves by treating sleep apnea and your liver disease concurrently.

Sleep Apnea Home Testing Diagnosis from ION My Sleep

If you have NAFD and experience symptoms of sleep apnea, diagnosis is fast, easy, and affordable with sleep apnea home testing. It’s simple; order the test, wear it one night, ship it back, and your results will be posted to an online portal within a few days. Review your results over the phone with a trusted healthcare provider. Send the test back in our pre-paid shipping return box and treatment options will then be made available to you. If you would like to learn more about our sleep apnea home testing service, visit our website or call us at 800-355-0540.