Home Sleep Studies Highlight the Importance of Sleep

Home Sleep Studies Highlight the Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is important for the mental, physical, and emotional health of every individual. A person who receives the correct amount and quality of sleep has a better likelihood of overall wellbeing. Without the right amount and quality of sleep, a person is left to face the consequences in the form of multiple frustrating side effects. Fortunately, home sleep studies help to target sleeping problems in individuals that experience the negative side effects of lack of sleep.

Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Brain Function: While sleeping, the brain is resting and making preparations for the following day. Sleep helps the brain be able to retain new information and focus on learning.

Emotional Health: Since sleep helps with brain function, it also helps with decision-making and mood regulation. When sleep is lacking, an individual will have problems engaging with others and making important decisions.

Heart Health: During sleep, the body repairs blood vessels as well as the heart. Loss of sleep may prevent the body from necessary healing of the circulatory system.

Weight Regulation: Healthy sleep patterns will promote positive weight moderation. Studies prove that risk for obesity heightens with each hour of sleep that is lost. Also, sleep moderates the hormone that signals hunger in the brain. With less sleep, an individual is likely to feel hungrier and eat more.

Growth: It has been proven that sleep promotes healthy growth in children. While asleep, the body releases the proper hormone needed to grow muscle and repair damaged cells.

Immune Health: Sleep keeps the immune system healthy so it can fight against foreign components and dangers. Lack of sleep can affect the way that the immune system protects the body.

The Damages from Sleep Deficiency

Along with the list of possible health side effects, sleep deprivation can affect how an individual performs in daily life. A person that does not get enough sleep will likely not be able to retain new information and focus during work, school, or other daily activities. Additionally, someone who is excessively tired will fall asleep for brief moments during the day without even realizing it. This is called micro sleeping. A person who doesn’t sleep enough can experience micro sleep while driving, which is extremely dangerous for the driver, passengers, and anyone on the roads. Horrifying accidents have been caused by sleep deprivation and can be prevented with just the correct amount of quality sleep.

Recognizing Sleep Deprivation with Home Sleep Studies

Most people who experience excessive sleepiness have sleeping disorders. The most common, sleep apnea causes sleepiness and exhaustion. If you think that you might suffer from sleep apnea, there is a way to be diagnosed without having to see a doctor. Home sleep studies are programs provided that decipher the risk for sleeping disorders right at home in just one night. Home sleep studies give the information needed to produce a diagnosis and in turn, treatment for sleeping disorders. Treatment is proven to enhance quality and amount of sleep in patients with sleep apnea. If you would like to be included in our home sleep studies, visit our website to take a fast and free risk assessment test to determine your eligibility for an at home sleep study.