Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Sleep Better

This is a guest post by Welzen Mindfulness Meditation App. Welzen is free a mobile app that helps you practice mindfulness meditation. Welzen is available on for iPhone and Android

Mindfulness Meditation has a lot of wonderful benefits, but one of many is that is helps us sleep faster, longer, and better.

Today, our lives seem to be consumed by our constant need to achieve more, have more, see more, and move faster. Our days have become very fast paced, often giving us little time to slow down and look at ourselves, and all this moving, stress, and eagerness can get in the way of having a solid night sleep.

A good night sleep is vital for us, because if we don’t sleep properly our body and mind cannot recuperate and prepare for what’s ahead. Sleep deprivation is something that more and more people are experiencing each day. Whether is attached to clinical insomnia, frustration, even anxiety, the fact is that more people can’t sleep as days go by.

Mindfulness, with all the wonderful benefits it has to offer, also helps us improve on our sleep, and the quality of our sleep. However, Mindfulness won’t put us to sleep, or perhaps it can, but is not its main intend. Mindfulness is more of a solid, long term solution that helps us better manage our mind’s activity so we can easily relax in bed, fall asleep, and rest better.

It’s more of a benefit that builds over time. With a constant practice we learn how to regulate our stress levels, manage our anxiety, and increase a sense of calmness which will translate into better sleep.

But Where Do I Start?

Focus on your breath: Focusing on your breath resets the mind and induces relaxation within the body. Simply direct your attention to follow your breath from start to finish. Feel the air entering your body through your nose, passing all the way through your lungs until the exhale.

Don’t get trapped in thought: Our mind will always have thoughts, worries, fears, and emotions coming and going. The key is not to get trapped in any specific one. Let these come and dissipate on their own. Realize that thoughts, emotions, and feelings will always be there but your attention should always be present in the moment. Anytime you realize you are lost in thought, just bring your attention back to what’s happening now. As you do, you’ll train your mind to remain present and not become overwhelmed by your mind’s activity.

But remember, just as any practice, training and dedication are key. With a little commitment you’ll soon notice the difference, the increased calmness and better sleep.