Automatically track your sleep therapy progress with myAir.  You can’t afford not to know the FACTS about your sleep health!

Snapshots of Your Progress

When you wake up and log into the myAir™ interface, the first thing you’ll notice is your “myAir score.” Based on 4 factors such as your mask seal and any apnea events you experienced, it will provide a snapshot of last night’s therapy (ranked on a scale of 100 points). You can explore each of the 4 contributing factors in more depth, as well as track your therapy with charts that show how you did in these categories for the previous two weeks.


Positive Reinforcement = Higher Compliance Rates!

Starting CPAP therapy can be challenging, but the ResMed myAir™ will give you all the positive reinforcement you need to be encouraged! Either by email or text, it will deliver you personalized coaching messages to make sure your compliance is at its highest and you’re getting the most out of your therapy. Features include:

  • Tips & coaching tailored to YOU and how you can optimize your comfort!
  • Praise messages sent when you’ve met therapy milestones!
  • Messages sent to encourage you to keep up the good work!

CPAP Machines that qualify for Free Lifetime Subscription to myAir™