New Micro-CPAP

Just like cars that are getting smaller and smaller, CPAP machines are not too far behind in the technology revolution. An Entrepreneur, Stephen Marsh, has recently designed and created one of the first micro-CPAPs. This micro-CPAP, the “Airing,” was funded on Indigogo, which is a crowdfunding website in which people can send money to help support a cause. The online fundraising campaign had over a million dollars donated, and people who donated will receive a 120 day supply of Airings when it becomes available.

What is the Airing Micro-CPAP?

The micro-CPAP from Airings is designed to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea. It weighs less than one ounce and is battery operated. There are no tubes, or cords are required. It works by putting the nubs into the nostrils while sleeping and the battery powered blower has technology that allows the correct amount of air pressure to blow through the nostrils.

Source: Airing

What is the cost?

Through his research, Stephen Marsh was able to identify certain limitations with current CPAPs on the market. This research compelled him to create a device with a better pump design called “micro-blowers”. “The “micro-blowers” solution in Airing benefits from advances in the “Roll to Roll” (R2R) manufacturing process, which allows for inexpensive mass manufacturing of the solution, and which will allow Airing devices to be low-cost and disposable.”

The dimensions are length 2.0 x width 1.5 x height 1.0 inches and weighs 0.9 ounces. It can run more than eight hours. With the light weight and no cord design, the device will be great for traveling and setting up in different areas. The precise air pressure is created by an inhalation vent that the air enters through and is filtered and drawn into hundreds of micro-blowers.

The device is still subject to FDA and doctor’s clearance. It is starting to rise in discussion and popularity. Many people have already signed up to use it. With this small of a device there are a wide range of possibilities from the original CPAP machines.