Why replace CPAP supplies regularly?

video-replacementsWatch this short video to learn why insurance companies and doctors recommend you replace your CPAP supplies on a regular basis.

We Accept and Process Insurance

Unlike our competition, we can help you with the entire process of verifying and billing Medicare or your Private insurance company.

Patient Referral

iONMySleep offers healthcare professionls nationwide a quick and easy way to refer patients for convenient home delivery of CPAP Replacement Supplies.

For optimal therapeutic benefit, it is widely known that replacing CPAP supplies on a regular basis can minimize the risk of bacterial infections, prevent red skin sores, and avoid damage to the CPAP machine.

To refer a patient, simply complete the online form found on this page or download and fax the Patient Referral Form to 877.234.5340.  If you need assistance please call our Physician Relationship Specialists at 800.660.7094.

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Why refer patients to iONMySleep.com

100% Patient Satisfaction

We realize this is your patient and we’ll do everything in our power to satisfy their needs.  The only way we continue to provide is if you keep referring.

Little or No Cost and Free Shipping!

Our goal is to get your patient their supplies with no out of pocket expense.  This means if they have a secondary or have little or no way to pay their co-payment we will not turn them away.  In addition, shipping their supplies is always FREE!

Accredited National Healthcare Company

Unlike our competition, you enjoy the peace-of-mind that can ONLYcome from working with one or more of our Accredited Healthcare companies.

CPAP Mask Purchase Protection

You can make sure that the CPAP Mask you select is right for your patient with our 30-day return option from date of delivery.

Sue Williams

Since I’m using CPAP Therapy, my physician referred me to iONMySleep.com to ensure I replace my CPAP supplies on a regular basis. Today, I sleep better, feel great and have the support and professionalism that is provided my iONMySleep’s healthcare advocates. Thanks!

Sue Williams / Fort Lauderdale, FL
David Hearn

It couldn’t have been any easier. I get my CPAP replacement supplies in the mail every 90 days as recommended by most physicians and insurance companies. Now, I can rest easy knowing that my supplies are sanitary so I’ll avoid bacterial infections and that I no longer will experience red skin sores from over tightening my headgear.  Many thanks to my doctor and iONMySleep!

David Hearn / Dallas TX

CPAP Supply Replacement Benefits!