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F&P Icon Novo CPAP Machine with Humidifier

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Patented ThermoSmart technology and a compact design with integrated humidifier give the F&P Icon Novo CPAP Machine with Humidifier everything you will need to be successful and comfortable in your treatment!

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  • ThermoSmart – Patented Fisher & Paykel humidification design proven to provide you with more humidity and comfort.
  • Small, compact design includes a fully integrated humidifier with an easy-to-fill water chamber.
  • Compliance reporting through onboard menus or SmartStick data collection.
  • SmartDial One-Touch Navigation – User-friendly controls designed for the user.
  • Proportional Ramp – Gradually increase your pressure to adjust naturally to your therapy.
  • Change your altitude settings to adjust for higher elevations.
  • Elbow-to-Tubing Connection – Tubing conveniently rotates from its connection to the machine.

Known for its advanced design and humidification technology, Fisher & Paykel has introduced the ICON CPAP machine to address your therapy needs. The F&P Icon Novo CPAP Machine with Humidifier is designed to fit into any bedroom, and with effective humidification and additional features for your convenience, this entry-level unit in the ICON family is sure to be a great choice for your CPAP treatment.

ThermoSmart Technology
With Fisher & Paykel’s patented ThermoSmart Technology, the F&P Icon Novo CPAP Machine with Humidifier provides increased humidification for an overall more agreeable therapy experience. Many uncomfortable side effects of using a CPAP are due to dry air blowing into the airway. The human body can normally humidify incoming air with ease, but CPAP use increases the air coming in on each inhale. Herein the body cannot keep up, which can lead to dry mouth, inflamed sinuses, dry eyes and many more familiar side effects. With the F&P ICON Novo, you will receive optimal level humidification at each breath, which is sure to make uncomfortable CPAP use a distant memory.

Additional Comfort & Convenience Features
ThermoSmart humidification technology only scratches the surface, and the F&P Icon Novo CPAP Machine with Humidifier includes a variety of other features that will make CPAP therapy more comfortable and convenient for you. It’s a small and travel-friendly CPAP machine that includes a fully integrated humidifier, so you take your CPAP and humidifier with you whenever you go! Compliance reporting is available through either onboard menus or SmartStick data collection, so both you and your physician can now how much you’ve been using your CPAP. The Icon Novo’s controls are easy to use, making it a great therapy choice for even the least tech-savvy person. In fact, using your machine once it is set-up is as simple asactivating the SmartDial control. Other features such as an alarm clock, altitude adjustment, and proportional ramp for gradual increased pressure give the F&P Icon Novo CPAP Machine with Humidifier everything you will need to be successful and comfortable in your treatment.

Weight 4.8 lbs
Product Condition


Altitude Adjustment


Exhalation Relief




110 Voltage


220 Voltage


Mask Off Alert


Integrated Battery


Can Use A Battery


Software Available


Data Card


Prescription Required


Included In Box

CPAP machine and Humidifier, hard shell carrying case, standard tubing, SmartStick, and manuals.


Fisher and Paykel

Machine Type


Pressure Range

4-20 cm/H2O


2 years

Noise Level

30 dB


6.3 X 6.7 X 8.7

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