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Filters for ResMed/Sullivan S5, S3, and VPAP™ Series, 2PK

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SKU: CF2101-2.


For use with the Sullivan (now ResMed) S5 and S3 Series of CPAP machines and VPAP, VPAP™ II, VPAP™ ST, and VPAP™ II ST Bi-Level machines, these filters come in 2 pairs per pack. This pair, one foam and one poly filter, includes both of the necessary filters to ensure a dust- and pollen-free CPAP or BiLevel airflow.

Please note: When you purchase this 2 pack of filters, you will actually receive 4 filters (2 foam and 2 poly).

Foam filters are an essential component for your CPAP therapy due to their ability to remove irritating dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke particles from your CPAP airflow. Not sure which CPAP filters fit your machine? Please call at 800.355.0540 for help with choosing your filters.


.75″ x 6.5″

Included In Box

4 Filters (2 Foam/2 Poly)


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