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ResMed H5i™ CPAP Humidifier

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The ResMed H5i™ CPAP Humidifier is a platform designed to enhance your comfort, offering climate control with relief from dryness and congestion. View more details below and get yours today!

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Features of the ResMed H5i™ CPAP Humidifier:

  • Compatible with ResMed ClimateLine heated tubing
  • Easy Set-Up — Simply connect with your S9 device to use!
  • Conveniently powered by your CPAP machine, with no external power required

Integrating with ResMed’s renowned S9 series of CPAP devices, the ResMed H5i™ CPAP Humidifier is a platform designed to enhance your comfort. It offers relief from dryness and congestion, and will deliver the industry-leading comfort of Climate Control when combined with a ClimateLine heated tube.

Water Tub
Two types of water tubes are available with the ResMed H5i™ CPAP Humidifier: the standard (disposable) one and the cleanable tub. The H5i’s disposable tub is easy to open for cleaning, and it should be replaced at a minimum of every six months (unless you are otherwise directed by your physician or supplier).

The ResMed H5i’s cleanable water tub is also available for repeated use without the need for replacement. It easy to not only disassemble and clean, but to also reassemble once you’re ready to use it again. Made of highly durable materials, it can sustain multiple disinfections and it is approved for multi-patient use in a medical setting such as hospital or sleep lab.

Climate Control
The ResMed H5i™ CPAP Humidifier is designed to make therapy more comfortable for you through ResMed’s industry-leading Climate Control technology. It not only measures the temperature and humidity of the room you use it in, but will also adjust its own humidification settings accordingly.

For full, uninhibited climate control operation, you can combine the ResMed H5i™ CPAP Humidifier with ResMed’s ClimateLine Tubing. ClimateLine tubes will also measure room temperature and humidity at the mask, delivering climate control throughout your entire circuit.


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