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ResMed Mirage Liberty™ CPAP Mask & Headgear

$ 207.00

4.00 out of 5

The Mirage Liberty™ full face CPAP mask delivers a comfortable seal at both the mouth and nose. With less skin contact and an open field of vision, this unobtrusive mask feels light on the face and is ideal for patients seeking a comfortable alternative to conventional full face masks. With minimal parts, it’s also easy to handle, assemble and disassemble for cleaning, and simple to put on and take off.


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Features of the ResMed Mirage Liberty

  • Provides excellent comfort without compromising stability.
  • Quiet air dispersion with improved vent design.
  • CPAP Mask design provides free field of vision.
  • Lightweight & optimized for your comfort.
  • Ideal for mouth breathers who have struggled with full face CPAP masks.
  • Multiple nasal cushions, plus a small or large oral CPAP cushion, provide excellent fitting.
  • Replacement parts available.

The ResMed Mirage Liberty™ Oral and Nasal CPAP mask is a full face mask that provides this type of mask’s feel and functionality without the size, restraint or leakage that many other models suffer from. Combining nasal pillows and a mouth cushion in its design, this mask is both unobtrusive and easy to use. At the same time, it never compromises its seal or stability for comfort, giving you one of the best all-around mask experiences available!

The ResMed Mirage Liberty™ mask noninvasively channels airflow from your ResMed positive airway pressure machine, such as an automatic, bilevel or continuous positive airway pressure device. Incorporating vent holes and a built-in valve in its design, it also allows for the continual to breathe fresh air even if the mask’s airflow is impeded or obstructed.

ResMed remains a leader in the field of Nasal Interfaces by always making patients themselves part of the design of each CPAP mask, and nothing indicates this better than the Mirage Liberty. To improve your comfort and compliance as a CPAP user, the Mirage Liberty™ includes three nasal pillow sizes as well as a small or large oral CPAP cushion, giving you an easy selection of the sizes that will provide the best fit. The mask is also designed for less contact with the upper portion of your face, thus restricting your field of vision much less. This unique design was created specifically to assist patients who have experienced problems with a traditional full face CPAP masks. The design of the ResMed Mirage Liberty™ allows you to read, watch TV, or wear glasses and wear your mask at the same time.

Please choose a size option when ordering. Sizes available are:
61300 – Small Oral Cushion + S, M, & L Pillows
61301 – Large Oral Cushion + S, M, & L Pillows

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Included In Box

Mask frame, Oral Cushion, 3 Nasal Pillows (Small, Medium, Large), Headgear, Patient Manuals




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1 review for ResMed Mirage Liberty™ CPAP Mask & Headgear

  1. Shannon
    4 out of 5


    If you breathe through your mouth you need a full face mask. The full face masks that I have used in the past left my nose looking like I just lost a fight. The Liberty mask with nasal pillows accomplishes what I need which is high pressure CPAP settings and comfort. For me this was the perfect solution!!

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