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ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel w/ H5i™ and ClimateLine™ Tube


Fully integrated with the H5i™ Humidifier with Climate Control and ClimateLine™ Heated Tubing, the ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel w/ H5i™ and ClimateLine™ Tube is a small, compact machine that provides the perfect solution for patients who struggle with comfort and compliance.

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  • ResMed SleepSeeker tracks your progress!
  • Most quiet device motor operation on the market
  • Easy-Breathe Waveform Technology works with your respiratory patterns rather than against them
  • Enhanced Rise Time – gradually increases your pressure as you fall asleep
  • Vsync Technology – Ensures that you receive the right pressure in spite of leaks
  • Advanced Data Recording & Management records both compliance and efficacy data
  • Sleek, sophisticated & user-friendly design
  • Optional integration with wireless monitoring or pulse oximeter connection to record pulse and oxygen levels

Get the most out of your sleep therapy with the ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel w/ H5i™ and ClimateLine™ Tube, designed to maximize the efficacy and comfort of your treatment. Incorporating ResMed’s innovative and award-winning series of S9 devices, the VPAP™ S Bilevel is specifically designed with patient compliance in mind. By providing comfortable pressure and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel will appeal to a wide variety of patients, especially those who have hopelessly struggled with comfort and compliance in the past.

The motor on the ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel w/ H5i™ and ClimateLine™ Tube is engineered one of the most quiet operations, far exceeding industry standards for silent therapy and a good night’s sleep for both patients and their bed partners. Using new technology and extensive research, the new motor enhancements improve upon its predecessors to make sound traveling down through the tubing and mask much less noticeable, or even completely undetectable.

For too long, CPAP and BiLevel users have struggled with water condensation in their tubing and masks. With the ClimateLine™ Humidification System, the ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel w/ H5i™ and ClimateLine™ Tube has made great strides in eliminating this problem. Patients may now stop water buildup and enjoy their therapy comfortably without all the interruptions that condensation creates. The ClimateLine™ Tubing also has an automated feature that determines room temperature and adjusts the tubing accordingly to make sure its humidity is consistent with the atmosphere. With the ClimateLine™ Tube, ResMed offers nothing but the best temperature control for patients that look for both comfort as well as advanced technology and compliance.

With Easy-Breathe EPR, the ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel w/ H5i™ and ClimateLine™ Tube solves the complications that might accompany inhaling or exhaling. Easy-Breathe EPR traces natural breathing patterns and adapts intuitively to the patient’s cycles of breaths. Users’ natural breathing patterns will no longer be interrupted, as transitions are completely in sync with the each exhalation and inhalation. Each S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel comes equipped with this feature, ensuring that all patients benefit from the smooth and easy breathing made possible by this technology.

* PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS drain your water chamber completely when transporting or moving your machine.

Weight 3.35 lbs
Machine Type


Included In Box

VPAP machine, H5i humidifier, ClimateLine Tubing, carrying bag, user manuals, SD data card

Pressure Range

4-25 cm/H2O

Data Card





7.25″ x 11.25″ x 3.75″


2 years

Prescription Required


Software Available


220 Voltage


Exhalation Relief


Altitude Adjustment


Can Use A Battery


Product Condition



0-45 min. (5 min. increments)

Integrated Battery


Mask Off Alert


110 Voltage



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