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ResMed Swift™ LT Nasal Pillows System & Headgear


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  • Only weighs 2.3 oz (67 g) and is light to touch with no forehead support! Swift™ LT provides minimal leakage when sleeping at night.
  • The simple design allows a customization seal as well as makes it easier to clean by the user.
  • Makes 71% less noise than the Mirage Swift™ II and the mask frame width is 50% smaller..
  • Perfect for side sleepers! The nasal pillows are flexible and allow the user to move in all directions
  • All three of the cushion sizes are included in the package which allows people to use which ever size fits them best
  • The headgear fits any size face whether it is narrow, wide, or in-between with the arms being expandable.
  • The flexible tubing will also allow more movement by having the directional pull on the mask minimized. This also keeps the pillow in place and has a great seal.
  • The tube retainer has different options for sleepers. The retainer can be worn over the head or on either side of the face for the side sleepers.

The new and improved ResMed Swift™ LT CPAP nasal interface has upgraded features from the Mirage Swift™ II CPAP nasal interface. It is designed to be more comfortable, make less noise, and have more adjustments available. This device has two types of pillows that can adjust to any nasal angle. The ResMed Swift™ LT CPAP has dual-wall pillows as well as rotating pillows support!

The way the dual-pillows work is that they are on a flexible base. The user is able to keep the seal intact by the vertical and lateral movements of the pillows. With these new and enhanced pillow designs, this allows only a certain amount of volume entering the nostrils which creates more humidity and lessens the dryness and symptoms that come with it. The pillows offer agreeable support with only the outer pillow inflating with air while the inner pillow will be gentle support.

The ResMed Swift™ LT is proven to be very well favored because of it creating 71% less noise than the ResMed Swift™ II. All three sizes of nasal pillows, small, medium, and large are included in the packaging. The nasal pillows have many features, including…

  • Reduced nasal irritation from silicone pillows
  • Improved sleeping from better humidity
  • Can be used for both CPAP and Bilevel therapy.


Weekly cleaning of tubing and mask.

Air pressures of 4-20 cmH2O

Replacement parts can be available in the parts section.




Included In Box

CPAP Nasal Pillows System, 3 Nasal Pillows (S, M, L), Patient Manual, and Carrying Case

Multiple Sizes Included


Prescription Required


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