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Respironics OptiLife CPAP Mask, Headgear and Cradle Cushions

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  • Revolutionary headgear system doesn’t obstruct the eyes, so patients can read or watch TV before they go to sleep.
  • Several tube positioning options, allows the patient to find the most comfortable fit.
  • Patient can sleep in virtually any position.
  • Contains uniquely designed cradle cushion
  • Soft silicone nasal pillows and cradle cushions included for your choice
  • Two combo packs available; Petite/Small/Medium Pillows with Small/Medium Cradle Cushions or Medium/Large Pillows with Medium/Large/Large Narrow Cardle Cushions.

The Philips Respironics OptiLife w/Cradle Cushion Nasal Interface kit includes the new alternative Cradle cushion for more comfort options. Designed to cover the base of the nose, the cradle cushion is a good alternative for individuals who have irritation from the pillows inside each nostril. The kit also include nasal pillows for the traditional OptiLife experience.

The Respironics OptiLife Nasal Interface CPAP Mask System is the answer to patients who are comfortable with a nasal pillow system but still have problems with mouth breathing. The Philips Respironics OptiLife Mask features an unobtrusive headgear system that relies mostly on the chin, whereas most nasal interface systems use only the nose for support. This OptiLife kit includes everything you’ll need to operate the mask, including a combination of nasal pillows and new cradle cushions.

The Philip Respironics OptiLife w/Cradle Cushions revolutionary design allows this mask to be worn while using either CPAP or BiPAP therapy. Recommended pressure settings for this Nasal Interface is 4 to 12 cmH2O and heated humidification is also recommended. The advantages of using the OptiLife w/Cradle Cushions is the ability to use either the Cradle Cushions or the Nasal Pillows to obtain individual comfort preferences. Replacement parts are readily available, which makes this mask an economical choice.

The Respironics OptiLife CPAP Mask kit with nasal pillows and cradle cushions is available in multiple sizes. The Small/Medium kit includes Petite, Small, and Medium nasal pillows and Small and Medium cradle cushions. The Medium/Large kit includes Large and Medium nasal pillows and Medium, Large, and Large narrow cradle cushions.

When purchasing the mask, please specify a size:

1036801 – Small/Medium
1036802 – Medium/Large



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CPAP Nasal Interface, headgear, and combination of nasal pillows and the new cradle cushions

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3 reviews for Respironics OptiLife CPAP Mask, Headgear and Cradle Cushions

  1. Benjamin
    5 out of 5


    By far the best mask, you have to try it!

  2. David
    4 out of 5


    Very comfortable

  3. Logan
    5 out of 5


    Love it. I have been using it for a while and I def. love it.

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