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Respironics REMstar Passover CPAP Humidifier

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Experience less dryness and more comfort in your CPAP therapy with the Respironics REMstar Passover CPAP Humidifier — a favorite among patients everywhere! View more details below and get YOUR CPAP humidifier TODAY!

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The Respironics REMstar Passover CPAP Humidifier is Respironics’ optional passover humidifier that functions to minimize the effects of nasal dryness. With less dryness comes more comfort, and with more comfort comes higher compliance and a better all-around experience during your therapy with a Respironics CPAP or bi-level device.

Building off of the popularity of Respironics’ LX and Oasis humidifier platforms, the Respironics REMstar Passover CPAP Humidifier is a proven favorite among both Respironics loyalists and CPAP users everywhere. It has been redesigned to work more integrally with the REMstar CPAP system, and it is now easier to open and fill!

To use, connect an 18 or 24 inch tube to one side of the humidifier, and then to the CPAP/bi-level machine and your 6 foot tube from the unit to your mask. The Respironics REMstar Passover CPAP Humidifier is designed to work with the Legacy Series of Respironics machines, but it is also compatible with most CPAP machines.

Please Note: The Respironics REMstar Passover CPAP Humidifier does not provide heated humidification. Rather, the humidifier unit moistens the air delivered by the Respironics CPAP device.




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