Sleep Apnea Test Determines what Happens During Sleep

Sleep Apnea Test Determines what Happens During Sleep

Sleep is a very important part of every person’s daily routine because it is needed for proper mind and body function during the day. Getting rest every day gives your body a chance to reboot and operate on a high level. Lack of sleep can have many consequences like mood swings, exhaustion, and impaired cognitive ability. To determine whether or not a person has a sleeping disorder or is lacking sleep, we must first understand what happens when we sleep. The at-home sleep apnea test measures and determines whether or not a person gets the proper and quality sleep needed to function properly during the day.

The Stages of Sleep

Stage 1: A light sleep that can easily be awoken out of from noise or other distractions. Muscles ease up and the eyes slow in movement. This stage can include muscle spasms and a feeling of falling that can awake a person suddenly.

Stage 2: During stage 2, the eyes stop moving and slow brain waves are apparent. A burst of rapid brain waves come without warning on occasion. The body temperature drops slightly and a person becomes unattached from their surrounding environment. Heart rate and breathing speeds remain normal in this stage.

Stage 3: This is the deepest sleep a person can get. During this stage, the body is restored the most. Blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle function decrease but blood supply are dispersed throughout the body so that cell and tissue repair can take place. This stage is also accountable for the release of growth hormones, so getting this deep sleep is imperative for children and young adults.

REM stage: The REM stage, or rapid eye movement, is the stage of sleep when dreams occur. Eyes retreat back towards the head and the brain is active, hence the dreams. REM sleep supports brain function during the daytime hours and also provides the body with much needed renewed energy. This stage happens about every hour and a half of sleeping. Stages 1 through REM recycle throughout the night and refresh about every 2 hours. The REM stage accounts for about ¼ the total amount of sleep, with REM stages getting longer with each passing cycle of stages.

Sleep Apnea Test and the Stages of Sleep

The Sleep Apnea Test determines whether or not a person is getting the stages of sleep like they should. If a person wakes before entering stages 3 and REM sleep, the body is not rewarded with the needed benefits that sleep provides. Individuals who have sleeping disorders, namely sleep apnea, are the ones being affected by not cycling through the proper stages during sleep. The sleep apnea test provides an accurate screening of what is really going on throughout the night in terms of how deep a person actually gets into sleep. If it is determined through the sleep apnea test that an individual is not receiving the proper sleep, a diagnosis can be made. To see if you are suffering from sleep apnea, take the free risk assessment test on our website to determine if the sleep apnea test is right for you.