Resmed Quattro Air Full Face CPAP Mask and Headgear

Resmed Quattro Air

Dear Sleep Apnea Customer,

We recently sent you a three month supply of cushions as recommended by your insurance company to provide you with a safe and effective treatment. This is just a friendly reminder that it’s time to swap out/replace (not reorder) your mask cushion.

Replacing your cushions provides effective and SAFE treatment for Sleep Apnea.

Not replacing your cushions can lead to ineffective treatment, i.e. leaks, cushion breakdown and more importantly bacteria buildup which can lead to infections and sores.

Please swap out your cushions today. We will send a friendly reminder when it’s time to replace them again.

Replace your Cushions:

  • Eliminates worn out cushions that leak, causing discomfort
  • Eliminates bacterial infections
  • Eliminates red skin sores
  • Allows maximum therapeutic benefit

Other Supplies Replacement Schedule




  • Detach hose by pulling on the rubber end, to prevent wear to the cusp.
  • Mineral deposits build up and compromise air quality.

Fine Filters



  • Fine filters can’t be washed, only replaced.
  • Since these filters catch fine particles, they must be changed more frequently.

Reusable Filters



  • Reusable filters are meant to be rinsed and reused, but not for longer than six months.
  • New filters mean cleaner, higher quality air intake.